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Face Masks

Non Woven Face Mask, Flat Face Mask, KN95 Protective Mask In Bulk Exporter

There are two types of non-woven masks, one is made of flat face pure cotton absorbent gauze or knitted fabric with various non-woven fabrics in between; the other is directly sewn by non-woven fabrics. It has good filtering effect and poor air permeability. The latest product is non-woven material on the surface and back, and filter paper for mask  in the middle, which makes the filtering effect of flat non-woven masks to a higher level.

The structure of a non-woven disposable protective mask should be divided into two parts, one is the mask and the other is the main body of the mask, we can simply understand it as a mask frame; the other is the filter part, including the filter for dust prevention Cotton and anti-virus chemical filter(n95) boxes, etc. Therefore, for the selection and use of flat face masks, some of the products produced by Guangjia provide you with the following convenience, that is, you can use the same mask body, and when you need to prevent dust in a dusty working environment, match it with the corresponding face Filter cotton, so you wear a flat dust mask; when you need to prevent poison in a toxic environment, replace the face filter cotton and install the corresponding chemical filter box, so that it becomes a gas mask again, or According to your work needs, provide you with more combinations. Non-woven flat face masks are the most widely used category in our daily work.