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Surgical Gloves

Pvc Surgical Gloves, Non Latex Gloves, Poly Gloves Manufacturer

Medical surgical disposable gloves are generally non latex gloves and Poly Gloves.

 Latex gloves have a unique fingertip texture design, which greatly enhances the grip and effectively prevents slippage; the patented design without palm lines, evenly penetrates the glue and enhances protection; the unique hand design, cotton lining, improves comfort. Medical sterile rubber gloves generally use natural rubber.

Wear sterile gloves: Hands without sterile gloves are only allowed to touch the outwardly folded part of the glove cover, and should not touch the outside of the glove.

The surface is smooth and intact, and there is no air leakage. This is the basic. In addition, the country's standard for tensile force: before aging, the breaking force is 12.5N, the elongation is 700%, after aging, the breaking force is 9.5N, and the elongation is 550%. , Those above the standard are all high-quality latex gloves.

How to wear disposable gloves for medical surgery

1) Wear dry gloves: Take out the sterile talcum powder bag from the glove holder, and gently rub your hands to make them dry and smooth. Pinch the folded part of the glove cover from the glove holder with your left hand, and take out the glove. First insert your right hand into the right glove, being careful not to touch the outside of the glove; then insert the folded part of the left glove with your right finger that has been worn to help insert your left hand into the glove.

Do not touch the skin of the left hand with the right hand while wearing gloves. Flip back the folded part of the glove to cover the cuff of the surgical gown. Rinse the talcum powder on the outside of the gloves with sterile saline.

2) Method of wearing wet gloves: Put an appropriate amount of sterile water in the gloves to open the gloves for easy wearing. After putting on the gloves, lift up the wrist to make the water flow down the forearm along the elbow, and then put on the surgical gown.

Combining innovation with state-of-the-art technology, our surgical gloves help to protect you from the potential risks you face every day.


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