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disposable medical sutures surgical dental surgical suture with needle

Product Description

1)Type: Chromic Catgut,Plain


3)Sterilized by EO.

4)Package: Individual  

5)suture needle description:

Chromic Catgut: Animal originated suture with twisted filament, absorbable brown color and green color. Tissue reactivity is relatively moderate. Absorbed by enzymatic in approximately 90 days

Plain Catgut: Absorbable, animal originated suture with twisted multifilament, beige color. Tissue reactivity is relatively moderate. Absorbed by enzymatic in approximately 70 days

Silk: Natural, multifilament, braided, non-absorbable, silk suture, color black, white.

Tissue reaction may be moderate

Polyester: Synthetic, non-absorbable, multifilament, braided suture, color green

Because of its non-absorbable synthetic origin, it has a minimun tissue reactivity.

Nylon: Monofilament, synthetic, non-absorbable suture, color black, blue or undyed

Tissue reaction is minimal. Nylon is a non-absorbable material that with time, is encapsulated by connective tissue.

Polypropylene: Synthetic, non-absorbable, monofilament suture, color blue

Tissue reaction is minimal.

Above items are sterilized by GAMMA.Package: Individual aluminum sealed foil

PGA: Synthetic, absorbable, mutifilament braided suture, in a violet color or undyed

The tissue reactivity in microscope form is minimal.

Absorption occurs through progressive hydrolytic action, completed between 60 or 90 days. Be sterilized by EO. Package: Individual aluminum sealed foil

6).  medical disposable needles pakage:

IDDescription Pakcage
1Chromic Catgut with needle 5/0-1#12pcs/box,50box/case
2Plain Catgut with needle 5/0-1#12pcs/box,50box/case
3Silk (Braided) with needle 5/0-2#12pcs/box,50box/case
4Polyester (Braided) with needle 5/0-2#12pcs/box,50box/case
5Nylon (monofilament) with Needle 5/0-2#12pcs/box,50box/case
6Polypropylene (monofilament) with needle 5/0-2#12pcs/box,50box/case
7PGA (Polyglycolic Acid) with needle 5/0-2#12pcs/box,50box/case

Without Needle
8Chromic / Plain Catgut without needle 5/0-1#Length: 1.5M12pcs/box,50box/case
9Silk / Polyester Braided without needle 5/2-2#Length: 1.5M12pcs/box,50box/case